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  In recent years, in engineering projects, the application rate of automatic loading mixer is higher and higher. No matter in cities, towns, or mountains, we can always see its small and flexible "posture", which can be used to automatically load, mix, transport and unload materials. With the help of countless projects, more and more people tend to buy it. Which advantages attract it How much do you like? Let's count the advantages of the full-automatic feeding mixer.
  1、 One car can support three mechanical vehicles
  The automatic loading mixer can load, mix, transport and unload materials at fixed points, which replaces some of the functions of loader, mixer, transport vehicle and pump vehicle at one stroke. Some people have questioned the practicability of the self loading mixer, because it seems that it can do anything, not really use anything. But it has been proved by practical operation that it is not only good, but also very good. It is born to produce concrete and solve surrounding problems.
  2、 Efficiency elevator mixer
  Take the 4.0m3 mixer truck of Youzhong machinery as an example, one can of material is produced every 12 minutes on average, and the concrete output can reach 500 tons every day after 10 hours of operation. Compared with the simple use of mixer, the efficiency is several times higher.
  3、 You can buy another car at the reduced cost
  The cost that can be saved most by the automatic feeding mixer is the material cost and the labor cost.
  First of all, the price of commercial concrete is always high. The price of one cubic meter of C30 concrete is about 300 yuan. For small and medium-sized projects, it's a large expenditure. Taking 80 cubic meters of concrete used every day as an example, the material expenditure is about 24000 yuan. When the automatic feeding mixer is used, the price of each cubic meter of concrete raw material is not more than 100 yuan, and the expense comparison is too obvious.
  Secondly, labor costs are getting higher and higher. Once upon a time, 7 or 8 people were needed to make concrete together. Even in the way of mixer, 5 or 6 people were needed to load, water, transport and unload concrete respectively. However, only 2 people were needed to operate the automatic loading mixer, one man was responsible for the operation, and one man was responsible for the auxiliary material placement. Based on the daily salary of 150 yuan, the labor expenditure could be saved at least 600 yuan per day and one month Up to 18000 yuan.
  4、 You can go up the mountain, you can go down the pit, you can go up the plateau
  Going up the hill is too difficult for a big tank car, but it's very simple for an automatic loading mixer car. In terms of the lz3500 self loading mixer, scientific design, articulated body, four-wheel drive application, 30 ° stable and powerful climbing. If the construction site is in a low-lying place, either it is matched with the pipeline and concrete is transported down, or it is "personally arrived" and discharged at a fixed point.
  Plateau is also a good place for the automatic loading mixer. It can customize the "plateau machine" to meet the local environment for users. How to "play well" the automatic loading mixer on the plain can "play well" on the plateau.
  5、 "Road not satisfied" in rural areas
  The road up the mountain is rugged and the road into the village is narrow. In recent years, rural infrastructure projects are in full swing, such as road construction, road hardening, old house renovation, etc., each of which symbolizes the arrival of a better new life for the villagers, but the road to the village is not so simple, not only potholes and potholes, but also extremely narrow, the big tank car can't enter naturally, but since the charging mixer car is not satisfied with this "road" phenomenon, it can be easily dealt with.
  The mixers from 1.2 to 4.0 are quite popular. For example, the full-automatic loading mixers of SAIC Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., whose body width is 2.18 meters and 2.9 meters respectively, that is to say, as long as it is not a rural road narrower than 3.5 meters, the loading mixers can get in. Moreover, the function of 180 ° rotation of the cab is born for the narrow road section. On the road that can not turn around, the driver The cab can rotate 180 degrees, the car body can't move, the cab can move, how to get in, how to get out.
  In general, the full-automatic feeding mixer has high efficiency, low cost, full function and high safety, which plays a crucial role in small and medium-sized projects, so it is very popular. However, no one can refuse such a mixer with full advantages.


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