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Automatic feeding mixer is a special operation vehicle. It has a specific working environment, and the engine water temperature will inevitably be too high. Whenever this happens, it will have a certain impact on the equipment. So what should we do if the water temperature is too high? Next, Xiaobian will tell you.
1. If the engine of the automatic loading mixer truck overheats on ordinary roads, you should reduce the speed as soon as possible, drive the car to the shade of trees or to a relatively cool place, and stop the car, but don't be in a hurry to turn off the engine at this time.
2. Open the engine hood, let the engine idle and wait for the engine temperature to gradually return to normal. After the engine water temperature returns to normal, turn off the engine. Then wait for a period of time until the water temperature of the engine drops sufficiently, and then check the cooling water volume of the engine.
3. At this time, the cooling water of the automatic charging mixer engine may be seriously insufficient. After replenishing the cooling water according to the specified amount, check the cooling system. After confirming that there are no other faults, start the engine and continue driving. Also check whether the shutter of the water tank is blocked by foreign matters, the working condition of the fan blade, whether the engine belt slips, the working condition of the engine water pump, etc.
During the operation and use of concrete mixer equipment, its temperature will increase due to long-term non-stop operation, but if it exceeds the temperature that the equipment itself can withstand, it will cause certain damage to its equipment. Therefore, when the equipment temperature is too high, we need to do the corresponding maintenance work. Let's learn about it together.
1. Prevent overheating of engine block: due to the high ambient temperature, the engine is easy to overheat. Strengthen the inspection and maintenance of engine cooling system, including the inspection of water tank, thermostat, water pump, fan and other components, and pay attention to filling cooling water in time. When the water temperature exceeds 100 ℃, stop in a cool place to cool down, let the engine idle, and lift the engine hood to help dissipate heat.
2. Prevention of engine deflagration: the temperature is high in summer, sometimes exceeding 35 ℃. In this season, the probability of natural deflagration is also much higher for cars with aging parts. So be prepared.
3. Prevent damage to the car paint: the car paint will become old and wrinkled after strong sunlight exposure. Although ordinary beauty waxing can play a certain role in preventing exposure, because any car wax contains silicon, it will rust the car paint after a long time of ultraviolet radiation, leaving a little black spots. The car wax itself can not enhance the hardness, but will quickly lose due to excessive temperature. When parking, pay attention to parking the car in a cool place as far as possible.
4. Prevent tire burst: the temperature is high, so it is easy to burst. When the temperature is too high, it is easy to deform the tire and reduce the tensile force. As for the tire itself, non-standard air pressure, tire aging, performance weakening, or the tire is rolled to hard metal or other hard objects during driving will lead to sudden tire burst.
5. Prevent poor engine lubrication: when the temperature is high, the oil viscosity decreases, resulting in poor lubrication. Therefore, the oil quantity and quality should be checked frequently, and added or replaced in time. Pay attention to timely clean the oil filter and radiator to ensure smooth oil and good heat dissipation, and try to avoid overload of the engine.
6. Prevent brake failure: the brake fluid is easier to evaporate and vaporize in the high temperature environment, forming air resistance in the brake pipeline, and the brake shoes are also easy to be ablated, resulting in brake failure. Therefore, check and adjust the braking system frequently. Pay attention to parking and braking on the way down a long slope to ensure good braking performance. If the brake hub is hot, stop the vehicle to cool down, but do not pour cold water to prevent the brake hub from cracking.
I believe we all know that the operation and use of any mechanical equipment is divided into three parts for use and seven parts for maintenance. Only in this way can we ensure the good performance of the equipment in normal operation and prolong the service life of the equipment. I hope you can carry out reasonable construction and use of the equipment according to these knowledge.


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